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Politech Makes Free Knee Guards for IDF Soldiers!

By Mitch

December 31st, 2023

A black, 3D printed knee guard
Knee Guards made by Politech (Image: Politech)

As you are probably aware, Politech is a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel and as such has been affected by the ongoing conflict in the country. Staff have had to make certain adjustments to their daily life but the good news is that Politech is continuing to trade and produce the high quality products that our customers have come to expect.

However, it has become apparent that there is a need for certain essential items that can help the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and protect the soldiers in their daily life. As a 3D printing company, Politech has been able to design and produce protective knee guards to send to the troops protecting Israel during this difficult time. What's more, Politech is making and providing these knee guards at their own expense so giving the IDF free protection for it's soldiers.

Why Knee Guards?

There is a limit to the type of item that could be produced by 3D printing that would provide actual practical help as part of a soldier's kit.

Knee guards aren't designed to protect against force but more as a protection and to aid comfort for the soldiers. A lot of the day to day operations carried out by the IDF involve patrolling and at times, needing to kneel either to engage with the enemy or to take cover from attacks. Protective knee guards make these actions easier to perform without the risk of injury from debris on the ground.

Due to the sensitive nature of the item and the reason they are being produced, it may not be appropriate or prudent to quote figures and production methods etc. at this point in time. However, look out for more updates and news about how Politech is able to produce high quality 3D printed items where they are most needed.



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